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FloYo Teacher Training FAQ’s

Who can get FloYo certified?

  • Any one who wants to become a better paddler or has a desire to deepen their SUP yoga practice can get certified.

Are there any age restrictions?

  • Minimum age to get FloYo certified is 18- this is for insurance purposes.

Do I have to have a lot of experience on a SUP or doing yoga?

  • Not necessarily. You will get the most out of your expreeince if you have some experience on a paddleboard. The training should not be your very first time on a board. Same with yoga, you will find it extremely beneficial to have a basic knowledge of yoga poses, sequencing, etc. but you do not have to be a yoga instructor to complete the training.

Do I need to have my 200-hour yoga training or any other fitness instructor certifications?

  • Yes, we require you to have (or be in the process of obtaining) your 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate. 

What exactly does the FloYo teacher training certification get me?

  • Once you complete the FloYo teacher training you will have a new depth of knowledge on proper paddle technique, water rescue skills and know how to put together a FloYo class sequence. The FloYo training manual will be yours to keep and you will also receive 20 hours of yoga alliance continuing education credits. Upon successful completion you will also be part of the ASI world wide network of instructors. This international accredidation caters to career instructors and school owners and will open the doors to take your teaching around the globe. 

So, after I get certified I can begin teaching FloYo classes?

  • In order to teach the branded FloYo classes and use the trademarked name and class sequence you will need to become a FloYo affiliate. You will also need to complete 10 hours assisting classes in order to be ready to teach on your own. 

What do I need to do to become a FloYo affiliate?

  • You need to successfully complete the FloYo teacher training, submit your 200hr RYT certification, show proof of prior teaching experience, submit your CPR certification and the signed affiliate agreement and statement of interest.

Is there a fee to become a FloYo affiliate? 

  • Yes, the annual fee to maintain your FloYo affiliation in 2016 is $75.

What do I get for being a FloYo Affiliate?

  • Ability to brand your FloYo classes with the FloYo logo
  • Access to monthly FloYo newsletters
  • Discount pricing for upcoming FloYo workshops, events and related trainings
  • Access to exclusive deals with FloYo brand partners (Yolo Board, Sweet Water Wear, etc.)
  • Yearly goal setting workshops
  • Presence on FloYo website with a link to your business website
  • Cross Promotion on FloYo’s social media outlets and e-mail distributions (including one dedicated eblast and FB post announcing your affiliation)
  • Access to the FloYo Affiliate Forum where you will be able to interact with other affiliates
  • Marketing & PR support from FloYo home office (details specified among request) 

Once I become a FloYo affiliate can I begin teaching branded FloYo classes at my facility immediately?

  • Yes! As soon as all of your paperwork is submitted you can begin to teach and promote your FloYo classes. 

What should I bring with me to the training?

  • Swimsuit
  • Dri-fit workout gear
  • Yoga mat
  • Beach towel
  • Water bottles 
  • Snacks- we will have a short lunch break so if you need to run out and buy lunch you can, it might be best to bring your own lunch (we have a refrigerator where you can keep your bagged lunch and snacks!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook & pen
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat

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