Floyo Paddleboard Yoga

About the FloYo Teacher Training

The FloYo Teacher Training curriculum was developed in 2012 with the intention to create a weekend course that would give yoga instructors the skills they need to take their teaching to the water. With numerous contributors, we have developed a solid certification that is backed by the worldwide leader in Surfing and SUP education, the Academy of Surfing instructors. FloYo has led SUP yoga teacher trainings, workshop and retreats at some of the most beautiful paddle destinations around the world. Once certified, FloYo instructors join a global community of SUP yogi’s teaching the branded FloYo classes and continuing to learn and spread the joy of FloYo with our international affiliate network.

What Will You Get?

  • Two fun filled days of training which will qualify you as a FloYo SUP Yoga instructor, accredited by the Academy of Surfing Instructors
  • Develop sound stand up paddleboard skills with emphasis on stroke technique and turning methods
  • Gain an understanding of paddle etiquette, water safety, rescue and recovery skills
  • Learn how to cue and demonstrate each yoga pose and exercise that makes up a FloYo SUP Yoga class
  • Develop the tools needed to create an effective SUP yoga class and learn how to teach all 3 FloYo class sequences; the signature FloYo class, SloFlo a more restorative class and FloYo Fit an athletic interval style class
  • Perfect your teaching and delivery skills in front of a group with 5+ hours of first hand teaching experience
  • Business coaching workshop on how to launch your SUP Yoga business
  • Goal setting tools to help you discover where you want to take this new business opportunity
  • 20 hours Yoga Alliance CEU’s
  • Ability to also obtain ASI SUP Yoga Certificate 

Course Requirements:

  • CPR & first aid certification
  • 200 hour RYT certification
  • hold a water rescue certificate (such as ASI Water Rescue Cetificate)
  • Demonstrate competent paddling skills by completing the ASI SUP Wise for Instructors course
  • Proficient swimming skills 
  • 2 years teaching experience (yoga, SUP or group fitness)*
    *If you are unsure if you meet this requirement please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The cost of the 2 day FloYo training is $595. This includes an in depth ASI SUP Yoga training manual which includes valuable resources such as risk assessment, emergency response procedure, etc.,  and 20 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU’s (if you choose to petition for them). Depending on the location of the training this cost may also include board rentals and equipment for the training; however, please check on your specific training location. The price of this training does not include the ASI Water Rescue or SUP Wise, those training courses must be purchased seperately through ASI. 

FloYo® Paddleboard Yoga

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